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Nutritional Services

Looking for one-on-one nutrition counseling, or want to learn how to meal prep a week full of healthy recipes? Need guidance meeting weight goals or managing a health condition? Want a customized meal plan to help guide you on your path towards wellness? We are here to help! We will work with you to achieve all your food and health-related goals and find a balance between healthy eating, exercise, and mental-well being.

We specialize in...

 General Wellness


Weight Management

Nutrigenomics & Personalized Nutrition

Disease Management

Whole Food, Plant-based Nutrition

Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Food Allergies, Sensitivities, & Intolerances

Eating Disorders

Nutritional Counseling

(in person or virtual)

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Initial visits begin with a comprehensive assessment of your personal goals, past medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, and overall health status. We will work together to discuss your unique relationship with food and uncover any obstacles in order to design a customized meal plan and action plan that can easily fit into your lifestyle.

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Follow-up visits will allow for revisiting your individualized goals and discuss progress since the previous session. It may include specific nutrition education topics you want to learn about, updates to your nutrition plan, meal planning/healthy cooking education, motivational techniques, and more.

Are you ready for a healthier lifestyle?

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If you are truly looking for long-term change, consider a package to save you some money while allowing you to reach your goals. All packages include unlimited messaging and support in between sessions that will occur every 2-3 weeks.


Jump Start Package   4 sessions

(1 initial + 3 follow up sessions) 

Thrive Package   6 sessions 

(1 initial + 5 follow up sessions) 

Lifestyle Package   12 sessions 

(1 initial + 11 follow up sessions) 

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This is an opportunity for existing clients as we continue your journey together.


  • 3 Pack Follow-Ups  

  • 6 Pack Follow-Ups

  • 12 Pack Follow-Ups

*Monthly payment plans available*

Other Nutritional Services




DNA testing to give you the power to personalize your nutrition, supplements, and exercise plan. Discover the best diet for your body based on your genetic results. This test includes over 70 markers analyzing your personal responses to different nutrients, vitamins, types of exercise and much more. This is the future of nutrition.

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Meal Prep



Let me walk you through my simple steps to save time and money while still eating healthy throughout the week. I will teach you how to plan your meals, grocery shop ahead of time, and cook/store your food for the week. Together we will plan a weekly menu and I will show you my time-saving step-by-step method to make meal prep a simple and easy process.


Micronutrient & Food Sensitivity Testing


Depending on your individual needs we may test for micronutrient deficiencies and/or food sensitivities. When the results are ready, we'll go over your results, addressing any nutritional deficiencies and/or food sensitives, and come up with a customized plan going forward. Discover how personalized testing can help to uncover the root causes of your symptoms and guide you to optimal nutrition.

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Cooking Classes


Invite me into your kitchen or join me on a virtual video call where I will teach you, your family or your friends how to whip up some healthy, delicious meals that everyone will enjoy! I truly believe that cooking should be a fun experience and I’d love to show you how! Menus can be customized to fit any dietary needs and desires.

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Grocery Store Tour

Do you often find yourself wandering down the grocery store aisle unsure what to do or are confused by food labels and ingredients? I am here to help! Let’s take a trip to your local grocery store where I will show you all my healthy tips and tricks. I will answer any questions you have, offer nutrition advice, and provide my suggestions and healthy swaps while sticking to your budget and nutrition goals.

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Preparing healthy meals begins with having the right ingredients in your kitchen. I will walk you through the basics of having a full and organized kitchen so that you are set up for success. I will discuss practical ways to stock your fridge, freezer, and pantry with wholesome foods that you and your family can enjoy and provide a list of foods to add to your stock.

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