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Buffalo Chicken Salad

The easiest buffalo chicken salad 🔥 This is a go-to lunch in our house!

Made with only 5 ingredients- chicken, buffalo sauce (we used Primal Kitchen), greek yogurt, pepper, and garlic powder. That's it! This recipe is full of that buffalo wing flavor you know and love, it's packed with protein, and can be made ahead for lunches throughout the week.

Served on crackers for that perfect crunch 🤌🏼 optional to top with a drizzle of hot sauce. You also pair this with veggies, serve over salad, add to a wrap, or snack on with crackers!


Buffalo Chicken Salad

Prep Time: 5 minutes Servings: 2 (double or triple for meal prep!)


  • 6-8 oz oz shredded chicken breast

  • 2 dollops of plain Greek yogurt

  • A generous drizzle of @primalkitchenfoods buffalo sauce (add to taste!)

  • Ground pepper

  • Garlic powder


  1. Add chicken to a bowl and shred well with a fork

  2. Mix in all other ingredients

  3. Serve on a seedy cracker (we used @topseedz crackers) or toast

  4. Optional to drizzle with hot sauce


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